A Good Solid Oak Plan

Last night I ventured back into the garden to properly assess the damage and water the trees. Sadly I have 14 saplings either dead or in need of severe intervention. It’s a shame there are no emergency health care numbers for trees. No expert service to rescue them. Hmmm. I guess it’s down to us […]

So when do I release they Baby Oaks into the wild?

I thought I would be nurturing our baby oaks for at least 2 seasons. While I have read various methods and recommendations on the best ways to give your baby oaks the best start in life they are not always in agreement with one another. If I had my own land I would certainly try […]

Health Check

As a trustee of baby trees it would make sense to give them a health check and to read up on problems they may face. I had noticed that a few were starting to develop whitening on the leaves. The internet is a wonderful thing when it can provide practical guidance and understanding. Seems it […]

Oh My Trees!

We have been trying to get away for a few weekends now. One thing or another has lead to us cancelling our plans at the last minute a number of times.  The weather has been partly to blame it’s just been so wet and miserable. But finally this weekend we spent one night away on […]

A Sad Loss

Date 23/06/2021 From the little research I have done it’s expected that our oak trees would grow slowly, that’s what makes them hardwood as opposed to the less dense softwood found in the faster-growing pines. We potted the acorns later than we had intended due to the persistent wintery weather and very little in the […]