Date 23/06/2021

From the little research I have done it’s expected that our oak trees would grow slowly, that’s what makes them hardwood as opposed to the less dense softwood found in the faster-growing pines.

We potted the acorns later than we had intended due to the persistent wintery weather and very little in the way of a spring, as we have come to expect. At that point, all our acorns had shown some intention to grow a root structure with only a couple showing the first signs of sprouting leaves.

This morning I wanted to inspect the acorns which still showed no signs of producing leaves. Four pots, four acorns, and not one leaf between them. Two acorns have sprouted but not developed leaves as of yet. One has a good root structure, its corn is splitting but no sign of sprouting upwards. On closer inspection, it was clear that the fourth acorn was rotten and needed to be discarded. Taking our family of oaks down to 50. I have grouped the latecomers together so I can keep my eye on them. It may be that these latecomers grow to be the strongest and healthiest of all. Apparently growing strong roots and developing slowly gives the oaks the best start in life. We will see.

A funny thought surfaced today. Do I have a favorite tree? I am pretty attached to our trees but I am not aware of having a favorite. We fostering each and every one of them, some grow faster than others and a few have not grown at all. This saddens me, but was expected and is why we planted so many at the start. My one goal is to have a good success rate from acorn to fully grown healthy trees.

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